Olivia Grace Armand, a.k.a. "Cookie" was born with a very rare metabolic storage disorder called Mucolipidosis II or "I Cell". She, as well as her brother Mikey (age 4), were born missing the Lysosomal enzyme which is responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates in the cells.

Olivia and Mikey underwent bone marrow transplants in 2006 to obtain the cells that were missing the enzyme and slow progression of the disease. After 63 days at Miami Children's Hospital, Olivia came home and welcomed her new brother two weeks later. Before Olivia's passing on December 11, 2009, she accomplished so much as an I-Cell child -- she could talk, she could feed herself, she could say her ABC's, she could pull herself up, she could walk with a gait trainer...and Cookie could even ride a bike!! In her close to five years on this earth, Olivia really lived - not just existed. Besides giving everyone unconditional love and leaving a lasting impression, she and her brother are benchmarks as to how bone marrow transplant could benefit I-Cell children.

We are so proud of Olivia for her courage and determination. Donations made payable to the "Olivia Grace Armand Foundation" will provide scholarship monies from "The Cookie Jar" to inspired nursing students or nurses who want to further their education in Pediatric Hematology Oncology and/or Pediatric Intensive Care.  We have such an admiration and respect for all nurses and their tireless dedication – they are the unsung heroes.

Our long term vision is to find a cure for I-Cell and to help the few I-Cell families that exist in this world with funding for items that are not covered by insurance.  The Cookie Jar was created to pay it forward in Olivia’s name by helping others and to bring awareness of this horrible disease.

The Olivia Grace Armand Foundation, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.  Charitable contributions may be tax deductible according to the limit allowed by law.  The Olivia Grace Armand Foundation Inc. is registered with The State of Florida Division of Corporations (tax identification 27-1543251).