Mom's Mission

Trish founded the Olivia Grace Armand Foundation a few short weeks after her daughter Olivia passed away on December 11, 2009. 

Both Olivia and Mikey received bone marrow transplants in 2006 within six months of each other.  Olivia was discharged on April 3, 2006 from Miami Children’s Hospital … and twenty-three days later, welcomed Mikey into the world!  A week after his birth, Mikey’s diagnosis of I-Cell was discovered and three months later, back to Miami Children’s Hospital for his bone marrow transplant.

While spending six months in a very confined area due to compromised immune systems, Trish really got to know the nurses that cared for her children.   She wasn’t the mom of the two I-Cell kids – she was Trish and the mommy to Olivia and Mikey.  The nurses not only provided medical care to the kids, but they also provided emotional support as well to the family.   Trish would often say “if I win Lotto, I am going to do a nursing scholarship in the kids’ names”.   To this day, Trish is still in contact with the nurses that cared for Olivia and Mikey.    So, when she was approached by so many as to what they could do to relieve her pain after Olivia passed and an idea popped back into her head from years ago  -- a nursing scholarship.  Originally set up as a memorial/scholarship fund, the Foundation obtained 501(c)(3)non-profit status due to the overwhelming response.

On December 11, 2010, which marked Olivia’s one year in Heaven, a $2,500.00 scholarship was awarded to Susan Kustad of Palm Beach County, Florida, a pediatric hematology oncology nurse who is working to further her education in the field.  Ten days later, on what would have been Olivia’s 6th birthday, a $3,500.00 scholarship was awarded to Deni Brotherton of Denver, Colorado.  Deni is an I-Cell mom who lost her son Carter “Boo” a few days before Olivia died.  She was so inspired by the nurses during Carter’s bone marrow transplant, she is on track to become one!

Trish is originally from Dix Hills, New York and relocated to Palm Beach County in 2001.  Her career includes working as an Executive/Personal Assistant to executives of Tenet Healthcare Corporation, Goldman Sachs, and Avis Rent A Car World Headquarters.   Trish is an advocate for bone marrow transplant as a method to enhance lives of I-Cell children and speaks to families affected all over  the world regarding her children’s progression since receiving bone marrow transplants.    Besides working full time and caring for Mikey, her spare time is working on building the Foundation and bringing awareness of I-Cell.  Her ultimate goal is for a cure for I-Cell to be found and to help families with medical costs relative to I-Cell that not are covered by insurance. 

Trish and Mikey (as well as Olivia’s spirit) reside in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 

You can contact Trish directly at trish@OliviasCookieJar.org